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Valefor Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass

Valefor Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass

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Welcome to the enigmatic world of Valefor with our "Valefor Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass," meticulously designed for those who seek a connection with this cunning spirit. Known for his skills in theft and cunning, Valefor is a spirit of duality, offering both guidance in cunning arts and lessons in caution against deceit.

Each offering glass in this collection is elegantly adorned with the engraved sigil of Valefor, complemented by the spirit's unique enn. This engraving transcends mere decoration; it acts as a potent channel for Valefor's dual energies. When used for offerings, such as wines or spiritual libations, the glass becomes an instrument through which Valefor's essence can be invoked, enriching your rituals with the spirit’s guile and protective insights.

The tradition of making offerings to Valefor is deeply rooted in respect and the pursuit of hidden knowledge. By employing this specially crafted glass in your rituals, you are not just presenting a physical offering, but are also invoking Valefor's guidance to navigate through life's complexities and avoid the snares of deceit.

Crafted from premium quality crystal, this offering glass is designed for resilience and continuous use, ensuring that the potent sigil of Valefor remains effective over time. Its durability makes the glass a vital tool in your spiritual practice, ready at any moment to channel the cunning energies of Valefor.

Each glass undergoes a special activation process, enabling it to become a vessel for Valefor's energies right from the first use. This unique feature amplifies the effectiveness of your rituals, allowing for a more profound connection and experience with the spirit.

Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift to a fellow practitioner, the Valefor Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass stands as a symbol of your commitment to understanding the deeper aspects of life and the hidden truths. Let each offering made with this glass be a step towards mastering the art of cunning under the guidance of Valefor, while staying guarded against the very deceit he teaches.

Height, cm 8.90
Rim diameter, cm 6.00
Bottom diameter, cm 6.40


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