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Foras Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass

Foras Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass

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Embark on a journey of wisdom and longevity with the "Foras Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass," exclusively designed for those who seek the guidance of the spirit Foras. Renowned for his ability to teach the virtues of herbs and precious stones, grant long life, and impart wisdom and eloquence, Foras is a spirit of health, knowledge, and communication.

Each glass in this sophisticated collection is masterfully engraved with the sigil of Foras, alongside his sacred enn. This engraving is more than just a visual feature; it acts as a vital conduit for Foras's energies of healing and knowledge. Utilizing this glass for offerings, such as herbal infusions or spiritual elixirs, enables you to infuse your rituals with Foras's restorative power and wisdom, enhancing your understanding of natural remedies and the art of eloquent communication.

The practice of making offerings to Foras is deeply embedded in traditions of respect for natural wisdom and the pursuit of holistic well-being. By incorporating this specially crafted glass into your rituals, you are not just presenting a physical offering but also inviting the healing and enlightening influence of Foras into your spiritual journey.

This offering glass is crafted from the highest quality crystal, ensuring both elegance and durability. The resilience of the glass guarantees that the sacred sigil of Foras remains effective for continuous use, making it an essential element in your spiritual practice, always ready to channel the energies of health and wisdom.

Each glass undergoes a unique activation process, preparing it to become a vessel for Foras's powers from the very first use. This activation strengthens the glass's connection to the spirit, enhancing the effectiveness of your health-focused and knowledge-seeking rituals.

Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for fellow practitioners, the Foras Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass is not just a tool for ritual; it's a gateway to embracing the wisdom and healing power of the spirit Foras. Let each offering made with this glass bring you closer to the profound insights and restorative guidance of Foras, enriching your life with health and eloquence.


Height, cm 8.90
Rim diameter, cm 6.00
Bottom diameter, cm 6.40


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