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Eligos Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass

Eligos Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass

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Discover the path of secret knowledge and strategic warfare with the "Eligos Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass," specially designed for those who seek guidance from the spirit Eligos. Known for his prowess in revealing hidden secrets, inspiring the love of lords and knights, and providing insights into the art of war, Eligos is a spirit of discernment and strategy.

This unique collection features a crystal glass adorned with the meticulously engraved sigil of Eligos, complemented by the spirit's powerful enn. This engraving is not simply ornamental; it is a vital channel for Eligos's strategic and secretive energies. Using this glass for offerings, such as fine wines or ceremonial spirits, enables you to infuse your rituals with Eligos's wisdom, aiding in uncovering hidden truths and mastering the complexities of strategy.

Offering to Eligos is a ritual steeped in respect and the desire for deeper understanding. By using this specially crafted glass in your spiritual practices, you're not just making a physical offering but are also inviting the strategic insights and secretive knowledge of Eligos into your life.

Crafted from premium quality crystal, this offering glass is designed for durability and continuous use, ensuring that the potent sigil of Eligos remains effective over time. Its robustness makes the glass a crucial tool in your spiritual arsenal, always ready to harness the energies of Eligos.

Each glass undergoes a special activation process, rendering it ready to serve as a vessel for Eligos's energies from the first use. This activation not only strengthens the glass's connection to the spirit but also enhances the effectiveness of your strategic and knowledge-seeking endeavors.

Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for fellow practitioners, the Eligos Sigil Engraved Crystal Offering Glass is more than a mere vessel; it's a gateway to unlocking strategic prowess and secret wisdom. Let each offering made with this glass guide you to the insights and strategies offered by the spirit Eligos, enhancing your understanding of the hidden facets of life and conflict.


Height, cm 8.90
Rim diameter, cm 6.00
Bottom diameter, cm 6.40


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